Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Media Effect

Most of the content of this blog is informative (hopefully) and I attempt to keep things upbeat. That, however, has to alter a bit in lieu of the recent tragedy in Connecticut.

A horrible man did a horrible dead and this post isn't about gun control, politics, or anything like that. This post is too address the disappointing rumor started by the media that the murderer did this unthinkable act because he was Autistic.

Some know and some may not, but Autism isn't a disease or disorder. It's how someone's brain works. Not wrong, just different. It is who a person is. It cannot make someone violent anymore than having blue eyes can. It's not a mental illness, does not influence violent behavior, or make a person less sensitive to feelings.

Honestly, most people on the Autism spectrum are the most loving and FEELING people you will ever meet. A person on the Autism Spectrum is sadly far more likely to be a VICTIM of a crime or bullying because they are different.

What concerns me the most is that this ignorant stereotype may make life much more difficult for some wonderful people who already have to deal with so much.

I ask that you please be informed yourself, and if you hear anyone talking about this ignorance, please give them the tools to inform themselves. Let's not turn this into an argument. As a mother of a kind and gentle boy with ASD and sensory issues, I can tell you there's not much that upsets Boog more than a raised voice :)

Like I said, they feel.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Holiday Complexity

Most parents understand (sometimes dread) the big holiday gathering. Not because we have lost the holiday spirit or are completely anti-social, but because when you take a child out of their norm...anything can happen (insert dramatic music).

Parents with special needs children feel this x3468975432.6 usually. With Boog having SPD (Sensory Perception Disorder) he could be fine with all of the chatter, and then someone turns on a faucet to wash their hands and it's too much. He covers his ears and I immediately try and find him a "quiet spot".

Regardless of a child's difference, we have to realize they want to have fun too. They love presents and lights and food. Most importantly they just LOVE. Boog and some of his friends are some of the sweetest and most loving kids I know!

That being said, here's a wonderful article called "Ten Commandments for Interacting With Kids On The Autism Spectrum" by Mari Nosal. I think if very family member of a special needs child would read this, it would make EVERYONE have a much happier holiday!

Merry Christmas, Y'all!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Gosling Excitation

If you've been on Facebook or Pinterest lately, you may have seen the Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl..." photos. Basically, it's a easy-on-the-eyes photo of Gosling with a caption that women would sometimes give up their favorite straightening iron to hear.

I saw these photos specifically made for moms with children with ASD, SPD, or similar disorders and I seriously laughed out loud. Like, for several minutes laughed!

I really hope you enjoy them as much and please share!

Here's one of my favorites: