Friday, February 15, 2013

The Ingredient Insufficiency

Hey guys, just wanted to warn you about a current marketing ploy that might confuse some GF folks. My Dad warned me the other day that while he was shopping for GF food for Boog that he saw a label that stated "No Gluten Added". He was pretty sure that meant it still had SOME gluten, but asked me to be sure.

He was totally right and I'm so glad he stopped to really read it. "No Gluten Added" just means that they didn't pour in some more gluten in food that already had it in there. They do this a lot with sweets by saying "No Sugar Added". Yeah... Non "added", but it still has a boat load in there... Pretty shady, huh?

Food manufacturers will do anything to sell more and I would hate for someone to get sick from ingesting gluten just because of a tricky label.

I've put an example of the label at the end, but it could look different.

When in doubt, read the entire ingredient list if you're not sure. I also like to visit They have a pretty good database of safe and unsafe food.

Spread the word and spread the love while you're at it :)

-Boog's Mom