Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Legislation Segmentation

I fully admit I don't know much about a variety of topics. Most sports, advanced physics, and my geography is pitiful just to name a few.

What I DO know, is how to raise a special needs child and the effort it takes to get them a good education. How expensive that education can be is REALLY my expertise.

Imagine my shock and HORROR when I was informed that Mississippi Superintendents are fighting a bill that would HELP disabled children! Are you kidding me????

I have NO background in law, so let me break it down for you into an easy way to understand. Like southerners often say, "let me put it in English for ya":

The state allocates a per pupil a specific dollar amount in funding for the school district. This money does not automatically go to the school the child attends. The money is given to the district for the Superintendent to budget how HE wants to. So if you have a disabled child, a child with autism, etc. THEIR funding goes to the district... Why is this wrong? Because if another district contains a school that is better equipped to provide what your child needs, the funding STILL goes to the other district. 

Now do you get why they want this bill to fail? Common greed.

If this bill passes the funding will stay WITH THE CHILD. Meaning:
-Parents will actually be able to apply the child's funding to tuition if they attend a school out of their district
-With their RIGHTFUL funding for their own child, MANY more parents with disabled children would be able to get the special education that the children need desperately

Okay, got it? Well, if you're like me you may need an example. My brain is a bit foggy after having a child.

I am Boog's mom. Boog has autism. He requires an IEP (individual education plan) because he's different. He gets this amazing education at a school that happens to be in "District X", but we live in "District A". 

"District A" gets the funding that is supposed to benefit MY child. The school in "District  X" doesn't see a penny of it. Neither does Boog.

The Superintendents are not parents of disabled children. They have no right to stop these kids from getting what they need just so their buddies in certain districts get more and more each year no matter if they child is educated there or not.

This funding would go to speech therapy, occupational therapy and other types. Therapy for children with autism, brain injury, hearing impairments including the deaf, sight impairments including the blind, dyslexia, language delay, and so on.  They want to deny these children.

Ya feel me?

So PLEASE take a minute and write or call to make your voice heard. Do this because you know me and know how hard I work for my son. Do it because you want disabled children to have access to the education they need. Do if for that mom you saw at the grocery store, putting back the items that weren't on sale this week. She knows she has to save every penny to give her son what he needs...what he DESERVES.

My son can't speak. Will you speak for him?

Contact information for those who oppose the bill:

DeSoto County School District
Mr. Milton Kuykendal
5 East South Street
Hernando, MS 38632
Tel: 662-429-5271
Fax: 662-429-4198

Nancy Loome, Executive Director for the MS Parents Campaign
222 North President Street, Suite 102
Jackson, Mississippi 39201
601.672.0953 mobile
601.961.4551 phone
601.961.4552 facsimile

Their Lawyer:

Jim Keith
P 601.292.0718
F 601.355.9708

The Mississippi Board of Superintendents
555 Tombigbee St. Suite 107, Jackson, MS 39201
Telephone: +1 601 352 8868
FAX: +1 601 487 6491

Also, check out this link for more info: