Friday, February 1, 2013

The Playroom Formulation

Most people who know me pretty well know that I LOVE shopping and I LOVE a great deal. I also LOVE Boog, so redoing his room brought that all together.

I took sometime and did a lot of research. I wanted a safe (he climbs) room that wasn't too busy (sensory), and had places he could get into if he felt over stimulated.

So I put on my thinking cap...or sat in my thinking chair if you watch Blues Clues :) and decided I could get what I wanted and do it affordable. Challenge accepted!

The trick is making a sensory playroom without spending a boat load of money. If you shop at sites geared specifically for OT or special needs, the prices are insane. So I just went to the sites and browsed until I got an idea of what Boog might like.

This is a hammock chair listed at for $100:

And this is a chair at Ikea we got for $20:

While I was doing my room research I read a lot about how children with ASD can get a sense if calm from rocking. I found this awesome cradle/rocker/nest here, but no price is listed.
I think it's like a fancy restaurant with no prices on the menu... If you need to know the price, don't ask :/

While on Ikea's site I spotted THIS bad boy and freaked out! Only $80!

Not only is it adorable, but it offers a perfect place for a little one to curl up with a blanket and a book.
My next project was storage.
 Boog is a climber, and a dresser just won't work. Not only does he climb, but he actually has the strength of 10 men. This means even anchored to the wall furniture won't work. So Papa (my Dad) and I thought about it. What about shelving? It would work, but how do you make it look cute? I didn't want stacks of clothes and stuff out in plain view....
That's where the $7 fabric bins from Walmart come into play:

The shelves are five feet from the floor. This means I can reach them easily, but he can't :) We also picked these shelves and brackets from Ikea for about $50 total.

Here is our finished project! We spent around $200 and made a room that is both fun and SAFE for Boog. From the look of the photos below, I bet you can tell he's a fan!

Items purchased from:
Ikea - - Hammock chair, egg chair, shelving, brackets, canopy
Walmart - - Toddler bed, fabric bins