Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mom vs. Wife vs. Woman?

Commonly it's very confusing to be a mother. You literally are expected to be Florence Nightgale, Mrs. Brady, a Stepford Wife, and a Dita Von Teese. This is only a portion of the hats we commonly wear. 

I'm worn out just typing that!

Well, after being the nurse, the perfect mom and the loving/baking wife...."sex kitten" Dita Von Teese is LOW on the list. I mean L-O-W. If it's not low on your list, then you're the exception to the rule and my hats off to you! (Pun intended)

If you're like me, you need to really look sexy to feel sexy. Picture it (yes, it's a Golden Girls reference) The husband/boyfriend/partner comes home and you finally get the kids bathed, fed, homework done and to sleep. You're exhausted, still have 183746389284.3 things to do, and he's thinking it's the perfect time to "make whoopie". You're thinking you haven't washed your hair in 3 days and you have on the type of panties that you used to laugh at your mom for wearing. Ugh.

I can't say I have the answers to everything, nor can I take your mind off of the 7473838565839.9 things you "need" to do (you remembered even more in the last couple minutes), but I can tell you something I find to help tremendously.

We have change your mind, soul.....and BODY. Literally, the hips shift and everything is wider. That's not all! You also may have stretch marks, a c-section scar, roots showing because you don't have time to get them touched up, pale as a ghost because you live inside like a vampire with a daycare, and your idea of a pedicure is brushing on whatever nail polish you can find at the moment (usually an odd coral color), then totally screwing it up when you stub your toe because one of the kids screamed for you. Any of this sound familiar?

Yep, it's really common. Those "have it all together" women on Facebook (you know who I'm talking about) have those same issues...they either just post pics on the rare occasion they look cute and crop out the noticeable mess in the background of the selfie, or they have a maid/nanny. Trust me.

Anyway, I've found that treating yourself can make you feel guilty. God, mothers have so much guilt. This treat, however, is worth the guilt because it benefits you AND the rest of the family. What is this treat I speak of?

Name: Torrid

What: Store with flattering, affordable clothing for females that are sizes 12 and up. Seriously, this stuff is CUTE and SEXY! It's like a unicorn that can do physics, dance like Beyoncé, and remove the calories from food. 


Why: Because when you have clothing that fits well and makes you look and feel makes you happy. And it's like the old saying "If Momma's not happy....nobody is happy". So if you're have a much better chance at having a happier husband/boyfriend/partner. The now happy husband/boyfriend/partner suddenly doesn't mind helping Timmy find that ONE toy he just HAS to find or he'll have a serious 45 minute, migraine-inducing meltdown. Toy is found, Timmy is happy. Get what I'm saying?

Seriously, check our and look around. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can actually look and feel sexy and still eat too!! Who knew??!?!?

Boog's Mom

P.S. Check out these pics if you still have any doubts:

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