Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Crafty Idea (pun intended)

With April being Autism awareness month I knew I wanted to make some sort of wreath for the front door. I only knew two things: it needs to be blue, and it needs to be thrifty. Challenge accepted! :)

I visited my local craft store (Michaels) and purchased a green foam wreath thingy (technical term) with my 40% off app coupon, some blue daisies that were 50% off! and blue ribbon from the $1 ribbon bin.

I figured I could dig through my several craft stashes to get the rest done, so I left and had only spent about $10.

I got home and wrapped the ribbon around the green foam thingy so it would be blue. I didn't worry about making it perfect because I'm going to glue stuff to it anyway:

Next, I separated the daisy flowers from the stems. It was super easy. They just come right off:

I kept the stems just in case a future crafty idea calls for fake leaves :)

While digging around my supplies I found a couple small wooden signs I got for less than $1. I pulled them out and went looking for some blue paint. Luckily I had the perfect color, "Laguna" by Apple Barrel. Again, very affordable. I think this paint is less than $1 too.

Then I went looking on Google for a cute font to use for my signs. I looooved this one. If you made this, you are adorable.

I painted my first sign with the blue paint, but added some water to it to lighten it up. While it dried I went looking for markers. I found a BIC fine point in black and a silver cheapo no-name silver marker.

Here's what I put together:

I wanted the wreath to have various shades of the same blue, so I painted the next sign and didn't add water. I just used a mix of fonts I've done before on other projects:

Then, I took the signs outside and sprayed them with a clear coat so they won't fade in the weather:

While they were drying I had an idea and went on the search for wire and found some in my jewelry crafty stash:

After the signs dried (I put two coats of clear on them) I hot glued the first sign to the wreath and wrapped the wire around it:

Here's a close-up:

I attached the wire to the second sign on the back with hot glue:

I dug around and was able to find some Scotch tape I got on sale at Target that was the perfect color and used it to cover up the glued wire for extra protection:

I also wrapped the tape around the wire in the middle because I knew I wanted to add daisies there too:

Then, I added the daisies I separated earlier and some blue beads I found while looking for wire for some "bling" factor:

And here you have it! Proudly displayed on our front door :)

I hope you all have a great Autism Awareness April 2nd and spread the word! Speak for those who can't and keep pushing until we get answers!

God bless and lots of <3,
-Boog's Mommy