Thursday, May 1, 2014

Free Friday Printables!

I got crafty again and decided to make some more graphics expressing some great points. Some are Autism-specific, but others can be used for a variety of special needs parents. Boog goes to school with many adorable hearing impaired children and although not all use sign language, I couldn't resist when I saw this precious font! Each letter shows the ASL (American sign Language) sign and the outline is the letter :) Too cute! 

Also, many non-verbal children use sign language as well to communicate. Boog has created a few of his own. My favorite? He takes your hand NAND puts it on his check, nuzzles it, and smiles (swoon). He doesn't do it too often, but when he does it's the greatest compliment you can get! It even made his Papa tear up :)

I hope you enjoy these and feel free to save them, print them, put them on a t-shirt. Remember: Mother's Day is right around the corner and Father's Day is next!

Much love,
Boog's Mommy