Thursday, May 8, 2014

Song for the Soul

An amazing man has made an amazing song and video. It's easy to find information, blogs, and videos about parents' frustrated feelings that their child has Autism. We're wrapped up in the "poor me" sometimes. I admit to this myself. That's why this video is so important for two reasons:

1. This song tells the story through the eyes of the child, not the parent. It literally gives a voice to children that aren't able to (yet). That in itself is incredibly powerful and rare.

2. It's truly therapeutic. Every parent with a child on the Spectrum *needs* to hear this. Trust me. The first time I heard it, Boog was playing in the floor on his iPad in front of me. The video gave me the verbal emotional connection I crave to have with my son. It wasn't Boog singing, but I know he loves me and sees me frustrated. He wishes he could do more, I've seen it in his eyes. He wants to escape the communication confines Autism has created for him. I see how HARD he tries to speak, that it isn't easy for him to look me in the eye...but he does it. He works so hard and this song expresses that point in a perfect way.

The main point? "We'll Get by".

Johnny Orr Band Video "We'll Get By".