Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Hello everyone :) I hope all are well and apologize for my absence recently. Summer is tough, but we've made it through! It helped that Boog had therapy every weekday from 8-11:00. Boog isn't hyperactive, he's just very active. I realized years ago that if he has back-to-back days of being at home and not stimulated enough, he has more sleep issues. I'm sure there are neurotypical children the same way, but like I say, this is all I know.

Our schedule this school year is very full. We have been blessed to have him in two places that are both amazing, extremely helpful to Boog, and actually free. Therapy is not cheap. Private schools aren't either. After doing research and talking to lots of people, I was able to get Boog an interview for a Pre-K class especially for children with Autism that is located in our county. After all our searching over the years, it really seemed too good to be true. Well, it is true! And it's good! He goes for 3 hours in the morning, Monday - Friday. His teacher and assistants are fantastic. They're using several approaches with the children, and one of them is ABA. It's fantastic for Boog because we know he responds to ABA therapy, and he is still receiving that therapy at another location for two hours every weekday afternoon. It sounds like a heavy schedule for a four year old and it is. I'm pretty much his personal assistant/chauffeur on weekdays.

At times I feel guilty that he has to do so much work at his age. I really feel bad on the days he seems sleepy at the afternoon sessions (no time for nap). My guilt, however, is greatly decreased by the immense happiness and joy Boog has been showing at his new schedule. He is happy to go to school, happy when I pick him up, happy on the drive to therapy, and happy when I pick him up again. He's also going to bed earlier and sleeping better (this is good for Boog and Boog's parents).

I dare say, not many children his age would be in such a good mood at being shuffled around everyday and having to work hard...but he is. He's happy. He loves his teachers, therapists and friends. My son is four years old and works harder than any four year old I have ever seen. He loves to work hard because he knows it pleases me, his teachers and therapists. When other children need candy or food as a positive reinforcement, Boog requires a hug. Praise. Applause. Smiles. Love.

My son is four years old and he is my hero. He is a better person than I am. He is kinder, happier, and sweeter than I ever could be. He also has to work 1,000 times harder to accomplish basic tasks that I had no problem with at his age. He is still non-verbal, but has come up with even more ways to communicate instead of getting frustrated.

Over the summer, Boog started doing something new. He would give me very concentrated direct eye contact, take my hands and put them over his ears, then over my ears, then put them on my chest. When he had done this a few times I realized he meant "I love you". When I realized it and told him "Yes! I love you too! So much!" He smiled. He was happy. I was happy. He is happy. I am happy.

Boog's Mommy