Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Show everyone you give a shirt!

Haha...Got ya!! I didn't do anything says "shirt". See? Look up there hehehehe.

Anyway, please check out our new t-shirt shop!! All proceeds go to supplies for Boog's amazing Autism class!

All graphics made by Boog's Mommy "borrowing" his iPad while he is in class. Don't tell him.

I'm doing something right?!?!

This study was discussed for quite a while this morning on the Today Show. More and more information is being released that early intervention specifically combined with a large portion of parental participation is the only type of treatment assisting children with ASD.

I think it makes parents feel better to know we're doing the best we can for our children. At first, it was very difficult to ignore Boog when he threw a tantrum. When your child cries you immediately have an overwhelming instinct to comfort them (well, you're supposed to). Combining that instinct with the knowledge your child is special-needs makes it even more difficult. The only reason I can avoid rewarding negative behavior is because I know I'm doing it to help my son in the long run. I think most parents of children with Autism (that are actively trying to help their children) feel very similar.

Hope you're all doing well :)

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