Monday, November 24, 2014

Vitamin D - Doing Dramatic Things?

I have recently been giving Boog a better multivitamin and a liquid Vitamin D supplement thanks to the advice of a fantastic friend who's son is also on the spectrum (Thanks, girl!!). A few days after he began the new vitamins, we started noticing Boog making large improvements in eye contact, focus and even doing new things. This last weekend he opened a door in the house by turning the knob all by himself. We were so proud!

I didn't know if it was coincidence or maybe the vitamins were helping. I googled this morning and found this really interesting article written by a doctor WITH Autism! Check it out if you have time:

Do you give your child supplements? If so, what type?

Happy Turkey Week!
Boog's Mommy

Monday, November 10, 2014

Tis the $eason!

It's pretty obvious this blog is geared for fellow special needs parents or caregivers. Ya teach what Ya know, right? Well, I also know that parents of special needs kids have some of the largest expenses I have ever heard of. As in, we spend Hollywood-type money for services/toys/equipment/therapy and live completely un-Hollywood lives.

Sometimes we can get creative and find a way to get the same thing for much less, but when it comes to doctors, therapists, tests, prescriptions, gas money to drive to all these places and more....You can't substitute. We demand the best for our kids and we pay for it...literally.

Unless you live under a rock, you know the holiday season is here. If you live in the South you've known since Hobby Lobby put out Christmas decor in September (seriously). The holidays mean presents. Presents for our kids are often both expensive and difficult to find. 

So for the next couple of months I will be posting any deals I find that I think are really fantastic. If it's a great sale on a toy, or great gift idea, or a freebie I will pass it along to you. The best ones will be blog posts, but if you follow us on Facebook (if you don't...go now! Quick! I'm trying to get to 500!) I will be posting more often.

I hope I can dig around the web and help prevent this $eason from being the reason you have more stress.
See some deals I've found so far below!

Fa la la lala lala!!!!

-Boog's Mommy
Amazon is having a "Count Down to Black Friday" event. Instead of waiting until the day after Thanksgiving, they are going ahead and marking down items and the list changes daily.

30% off Plan Toys

These toys not only look fun and cute, but would be great for:
*fine motor skill development
*hand/eye coordination
*matching shapes, colors or sizes
*imaginative play


First off, do you have the Target Cartwheel App on your phone? If not, you have to get it. I rarely have time to clip coupons (in reality I don't because if I have a break I want to do something completely lazy). This App lets you scroll through a list off coupons that update daily, add the ones you want to use and you just show a barcode at checkout to receive the discounts. To get even more deals, check out your weekly Target ad. Very frequently there will be a Cartwheel deal coinciding
with a sale on the same item.

Example: You look through the Cartwheel App and see 30% off toddler shoes. You checks the weekly ad and toddler shoes are 15% off. They honor both in store so you just snatched up shoes for about half the price! Use a Target Red Card for another 5% off and you're basically a rock star!

***Tip: Don't swipe your card at check-out until everything has been rung up and your Cartwheel barcode scanned. If you swipe before it's scanned it won't add your coupons for some reason :/

Cartwheel is also taking 50% off one toy each day for the holidays. The coupon is only good for the
day and the toy changes daily, so keep an eye out!

Here are some current useful Cartwheel coupons from the app:

This game for 25% off caught my attention because it would be fantastic for facial recognition work!

The 50% off toy for today is Target's version of the American Girl 18" doll. We actually have one of these dolls. Why? Because it's a fun way to help your child identify parts of the face and body and develop self-help skills when dressing the doll. It's a fun way to make the work three dimensional and is easier for a child to relate to than a stuffed toy bear or similar.


Walmart is also starting the savings early and have a "Value of the Day" here:

Today's deal is for Bluetooth speakers, but be sure to check back daily. I've also seen a great deal on photo paper which is very useful for printing PECS cards and photos of family members that can be used as cards as well.

*****I was not compensated in any way for this post although if someone would like to I'm all ears! :)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Jerry Seinfeld: He's Being Real.... And Fantastic!

My Dad called me two nights ago to ask me if I had heard about Jerry Seinfeld. I told him I had not and learned that Mr. Seinfeld had come out publicly stating he believes he is on the Autism Spectrum. This is incredibly brave for many reasons and has I pressed me a great deal. Why? Because he didn't come out with this to get the most tweets of the day or to get more Facebook "likes". He did this to hopefully combat the media stereotype that people on the spectrum are all mentally-ill or mass murderers. 

If you haven't had a chance to read about the interview, check it out here:

I hope this will help others on the Autism Spectrum realize there is no reason to feel shame. Many people today are uncomfortable with Autism just as they were uncomfortable with children with hearing loss or blindness years ago. It is not completely understood, and when people don't understand they often develop anxiety. In time I won't need a blog to hopefully reach parents out there with newly diagnosed children that feel afraid and alone. I will just be writing to make myself feel more important obviously...

Like countless other parents of children with Autism, I have become incredibly angry at the media's consistent label of "possible Autism" when a terrible crime has been committed here in the United States with multiple victims and a single, usually Caucasian, male. Then once they've squeezed every last drop of sensationalism from a horrific situation, there is a casual mention that the suspect was never actually diagnosed with being on the Autism Spectrum. It usually goes something like this:

Headline: "Suspect In Mass Shooting, John Doe, Possibly Autistic".

When in reality, it should read:

"Woman Living Seven Streets Over States Suspect On Autism Spectrum Because Her Son That Was In An English Class With Suspect Said He Was Often Quiet".


"Well Known Reporter Hears Suspect Being Described As 'Artistic' And Runs With Autism Storyline". "No Connection Between Crafting As Hobby And Murder Known At This Time".

So thank you, Mr. Seinfeld, for your bravery. You have made millions of fans laugh over and over with your quit wit and enormous talent. Hopefully your story will help show people a different side of the Autism Spectrum... A laughing, feeling and happy side.

Oh, and as for those reporters out there that think labeling a criminal with Autism makes for a bigger headline...


Much Love,
Boog's Mommy

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Holiday Sale!

I saw this special sale on the Today Show this morning. Special sets by American Girl are up to 60% off! Visit. and use code "TODAYNOV" to get to the sale site.

We got an adorable gift at a fantastic price!

We scored American Girl, Julie's bed set (so cute and 70's) for $75 and its $150 regularly. Woohoo! Check out how adorable this is:

So go now! Shop! Quickly!

-Boog's Mommy