Saturday, November 8, 2014

Jerry Seinfeld: He's Being Real.... And Fantastic!

My Dad called me two nights ago to ask me if I had heard about Jerry Seinfeld. I told him I had not and learned that Mr. Seinfeld had come out publicly stating he believes he is on the Autism Spectrum. This is incredibly brave for many reasons and has I pressed me a great deal. Why? Because he didn't come out with this to get the most tweets of the day or to get more Facebook "likes". He did this to hopefully combat the media stereotype that people on the spectrum are all mentally-ill or mass murderers. 

If you haven't had a chance to read about the interview, check it out here:

I hope this will help others on the Autism Spectrum realize there is no reason to feel shame. Many people today are uncomfortable with Autism just as they were uncomfortable with children with hearing loss or blindness years ago. It is not completely understood, and when people don't understand they often develop anxiety. In time I won't need a blog to hopefully reach parents out there with newly diagnosed children that feel afraid and alone. I will just be writing to make myself feel more important obviously...

Like countless other parents of children with Autism, I have become incredibly angry at the media's consistent label of "possible Autism" when a terrible crime has been committed here in the United States with multiple victims and a single, usually Caucasian, male. Then once they've squeezed every last drop of sensationalism from a horrific situation, there is a casual mention that the suspect was never actually diagnosed with being on the Autism Spectrum. It usually goes something like this:

Headline: "Suspect In Mass Shooting, John Doe, Possibly Autistic".

When in reality, it should read:

"Woman Living Seven Streets Over States Suspect On Autism Spectrum Because Her Son That Was In An English Class With Suspect Said He Was Often Quiet".


"Well Known Reporter Hears Suspect Being Described As 'Artistic' And Runs With Autism Storyline". "No Connection Between Crafting As Hobby And Murder Known At This Time".

So thank you, Mr. Seinfeld, for your bravery. You have made millions of fans laugh over and over with your quit wit and enormous talent. Hopefully your story will help show people a different side of the Autism Spectrum... A laughing, feeling and happy side.

Oh, and as for those reporters out there that think labeling a criminal with Autism makes for a bigger headline...


Much Love,
Boog's Mommy