Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Future and More Changes

I apologize for my lack of posting lately. Not only have the holidays kept me busy, but I find myself yet again facing the challenge of locating the best place for my son to go to school and therapy next year. Again. It's almost like a cruel joke. Here is a brief timeline explaining my frustration

18 months: 
1. Referred to local children hospital Child Development Center. Receives once a week "therapy" for one hour that does very little.
2. Begin our state's "First Steps" program for developmentally delayed children. The speech therapist shows up once. The occupational therapist refuses to change her schedule when I tell her her time conflicts with Boog's therapy at the Child Development Center. 

2 years old:
3. Attends a speech school (private) and begins to finally improve in many areas. Also attends the school's in-house speech and OT. After over two years we are told that the school can no longer offer Boog what he needs to continue to develop skills and we need to move on.

4 years old
4. Begins public Pre-K roger am for children with Autism. BOOG begins learning sign language. This is our first significant communication breakthrough. 
4. Begins Autism pilot program offering ABA therapy wo hours a day, five days a week.

Now he's five years old. We're going lose the wonderful Pre-K teacher and assistants we've come to love in May. Also, the director of the Autism program left without even telling parents goodbye and his hours have been decreased there as well.

So, where do I turn now? Why do I keep having to do this? Why can't I find ONE place that meets my son's needs for more than a year or two?!

I'm frustrated, somewhat angry...and beginning to panic again.