Friday, June 26, 2015

Write About Rights

As I see the headline on the news that gay people have finally won the right to marry who and if they choose, I can't help but relate this moment to others in not so distant past.

I remember in various American history classes in high school and college learning about several long and extraordinary fights that have occurred in our nation's history. 

Among them were:

Rights for immigrants in early America

Child labor laws

Women's right to vote and own property

Abolishment of slavery

The right to vote, own land, and diminish discrimination for people of color

I remember being embarrassed reading about how long people had to fight for something that was already in place when I was born. Without a doubt, the next generations will read about this day and also be puzzled and maybe even a little angry it took this long.

Now I wonder how long parents of special needs children/adults will have to fight for the ability to provide an education for our children, fight to make the greedy insurance companies pay for services our children desperately need, fight for the school systems and the states to not simply turn a blind eye once one of our children turns 18 or 21. 

Every day I fight to do my best and put things in place to give my son the best chance he can have to be happy and healthy when I am no longer here. 

Right now Medicaid in our state has begun dropping children with Autism because they simply don't want to spend the money for their treatment. Private Insurance finally pays for one service (ABA), yet refuses to cover the most important type of therapy many children need... Speech.

How long before a quiet 15 year old girl sits in a classroom and her mind wonders off... Somewhat shocked and saddened that our country took this long to provide equal services and opportunities to children that need them the most.

Sadly, I doubt I will see that day. I pray to God that my son will.