Sunday, October 25, 2015

Beautiful Progress: My Son Can Read

My son (nicknamed "Boog") is non verbal and will be six very soon. Last year, his Pre-K teacher and I both thought he was teaching himself to read, but we weren't sure just how many words he knew.

This week his amazing teacher noticed that he could recognize a lot of words. She tested him for two days, first starting with nouns, and then moving on to verbs. 

My son can read. My son can read more words than I could at his age. He knew words from "zebra" and "apple" to "climbing" and even "was". His teacher said she was "mezmerized". She said now we have to find out a way that works best for him to get the words out. 

It may be sign language (he already signs for several words), talking or a communication device. Guys, my son can read. My son can read. I'm just crying tears of joy. My baby. He is so smart. Thank you, God.