Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Overpricing Adaptive Equipment - Businesses Taking Advantage

I just read this extremely insightful blog post about how companies label things "adaptive equipment" and charge double, triple or more for it.

Check out the post here:
The Cost of Unnessecarily Medicalizing Acts of Daily Life

This is a huge problem we have dealt with for years. Literally, companies take a common object, rename it, sometimes adjust it a little and charge an arm and a leg for it. Some examples are trampolines, child safe scissors, pencil grips, and teethers. Popular websites that carry items for special needs individuals have these items mixed in with their inventory of actual adapted devices certain people need.

I wrote a popular post on how we set up my son's room. In the post I show each item's cost on a special needs website, and how much cheaper the alternative I found was:

Saving Hundreds on a Playroom!

Sometimes you can think outside of the box and come up with a cheaper alternative and sometimes you can't. Pricing items outrageously is taking advantage of certain individuals and also depriving them of things that would make their lives easier.

Sound ridiculous? Check out these examples:

1. When you Google "trampoline for special needs child", this is the listing found at Quality Toys. Their motto is "High Quality Educational and Therapy Toys!" and they sell various items for special needs kids. Quality Toys sells these trampolines for $119.00 with free shipping:

This listing by Wayfair was found by altering the search to "trampoline with bar". Wayfair sells this trampoline for $49.95 with free shipping:

2. I searched for a "trapeze bar for special needs child" and found this listing by Fun and Function.
Their company logo is "Empowering Different. Fun and Function lists this bar for $49.99:

Next, I altered my search to just "trapeze bar" and found this listing on Amazon. Amazon  sells this bar for $24.49:

3. And we will end on my favorite (sarcasm). I used Google to search for "special needs bean bag chair". This listing is by lists this chair for $76.95:

I then altered my search to just "bean bag chair". I found this chair at Walmart. Walmart lists these chairs for $24.98!

Businesses needs to stop taking advantage of so many people that are just trying to shop for things to help themselves or someone they love. Until then, always search for alternatives before you purchase anything that is considered "special needs". You could save yourself hundreds of dollars!

Take care and shop smart,
Boog's Mommy