Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thanksgiving? You mean Thanks-for-living-through-this?

Ah, the holidays. But this is Holidays: Special Needs Parent Style

Nothing like searching every store and website for a toy your special little guy/girl might play with, getting frustrated, and end buy buying some DVDs instead.

Yeah, we all do that.

Oh, and extended family! How wonderful! I love for people I only see a couple times a year ask me personal questions concerning my son's progress! Yes, please point out the obvious that he doesn't eat dressing! Awesome! You brought attention to his stims! You must feel like such an involved family member.

Yeah, we all say that in our heads.

Besides alcohol, prescription medication, or using any sort of firearm, it appears you will have to make a choice. Deal with them, or go to jail. I like to think positive and say we can do this. Can't we? I mean. Really... We can, right?

Here's an awesome article I found with some great tips on spending holidays with your special little child and dealing with awkward relatives you'd rather stuff than the turkey... Ummm, I mean extended family.... I'm still working on this, obviously.

Here's a little snippet of one of my favorite parts from the article. Find the link below and enjoy! 

Deflect the comment
Relative - "When is Johnny going to eat something besides mashed potatoes?"
You - "You make them so tasty he can't stop eating them. How do you make them so creamy?"