Friday, February 5, 2016

Are These Oils Really Essential?

 Hi everyone!

I was recently asked my opinion on essential oils and specifically the oils in relation to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Here is my opinion based on my research. I have *nothing* against people that sell essential oils. I simply chose not to use them based on facts I uncovered during research. I'm not here to tell anyone to use them or not, I just try to persuade every parent to do their research and consult their child's physician before beginning anything related to treatment. Here is my reply to the question:

I haven't tried any essential oils, but I did think about it. A lot of people were crazy about them here and even claimed oils can "cure Autism". Apparently they thought ASD was a disease and needed some education on the subject. After that, I did my own research because I won't try anything on Boog without knowing it's safe. Many reputable websites I found talked about how some of these oils aren't meant to be ingested, not approved by the US FDA and haven't been used long enough to understand the long term effects. But if you take all of that out of the equation you know this: If there was any chance these oils really did help symptoms of Autism, you know big pharmacy companies would have been all over this year's ago. Also, pediatricians and specialists would be recommending them like they often recommend melatonin for sleep issues.

Here are a couple useful and reputable links:

United States Federal Drug Administration F.A.Q. concerning essential oils

Federal Trade Commision's Definition and Warning Against Pyramid Schemes

As caregivers of special needs children our #1 concern is the safety of our children. I just ask that you become informed before beginning any treatment not recommended by your child's physician.

Stay safe,
Boog's Mommy

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