Friday, March 25, 2016

In Case of Emergency

I recently saw some decals online that you put on the inside windows of your car and they explain to first responders that the occupant has Autism. I think this is a fantastic idea, but I think $5.95 + $3.00 shipping is ridiculous. Special needs parents have so many expenses, let's not make a freakin sticker $8.00 🙄

So, I found a couple images online and also made my own (last one on the page). 

You can:
- Print a couple and tape them inside your rear windows
- Print and tape one somewhere on your child's car seat or booster seat
- Get some of that adhesive paper that is used to make stickers with your printer at home

Any of these options are a lot cheaper than buying several $8.00 stickers. This way, you can put them in any cars you use and not break the piggy bank.

Be safe,
Boog's Mommy