Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Our Next President: Can We Pick Door #3?

I'm not a fan of either of the two likely future presidential candidates. I know Bernie Sanders won't win, but if you google his name and "disabilities", you can see a very good platform explaining how he would help a large group of United States citizens that are often ignored.
So if I'm going to base my vote on who has addressed Autism/Disabilities and actually has a plan they will implement, this is what Google tells me:

Donald Trump:
Hilary Clinton:
There's no bias here. I just used Google and picked the article within the first few listed that applied the most.

I don't particularly like Hilary, but she does at least claim she will help people with disabilities. Hilary also isn't known to be the most honest politician. If elected, would she follow through with her claims?
Sadly, when you Google "Donald Trump" and "Autism" the whole first page contains articles on how Trump thinks vaccines cause Autism. I tried "Donald Trump" and "disabled" and the first page contains articles about Trump making fun of a disabled reporter.
So here's how I eloquently describe the next presidential election: Yuck.

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