Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Survival 2016

Hello everyone!

Wow. See how happy that beginning was? Last year at this time I was so stressed because it was summer and there were so little things to do to get us out of the house. Boog was bored and I felt majorly isolated.

So what's made this summer different?

One four-letter word. No, not one of those words! Geez, this is a family blog ya know (Hahahaha I can be so immature and I love it).

No, the four-letter word is CAMP!

We found an amazing local camp for special needs children. I couldn't have dreamed up a better place. The staff and volunteers are so caring, the other kids are sweet and Boog loves it. Best part? He's interacting with other kids and making friends!

I mentioned before camp that I worry about peer-to-peer interaction with Boog over the summer because he's an only child. The camp staff is so wonderful that they have made sure to send me pictures and tell me stories about Boog's day and when he plays with other kids.

Any parent of a special needs child will tell you we get bad news more often than you ever think, but it's not bad news like other parents have to deal with. We get the bad news that our child isn't doing something they should be able to do, can't do something other kids do, or they're having behavior issues because of one of those issues. You almost get numb to the bad news, but it will always sting.

Every day I drive Boog to camp he gets more and more excited the closer we get. He has the biggest smile when he walks in. When I come to pick him up, he's always happy. Every day someone tells me how sweet Boog is, how much they love having him at camp, how he tried something new. I can't tell you how absolutely amazing getting good news daily is. It's a feeling deep inside like your heart smiles. It's like years of worry shed away a little bit. It's beautiful.

I hope all of you are blessed enough to have a camp for special needs children near you. There are so many reasons they deserve to have a fun and happy summer just like any child.

Have fun!
-Boog's Mommy


Here is Boog on the playground with a new friend!

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