Sunday, September 4, 2016

Adulting! Almost as fun as laundry.

So we went to Target today. When I walked in I immediately noticed two girls (not little, like 12ish) laughing and sitting in one of the  "Caroline's Carts" Target now has. These carts have a forward facing seat so you can shop and have your older special-needs child with you safely. I blogged about them a while back. It was the only one I saw, so the others must have been in use. They've become pretty popular at our Target and I'm so thankful for them when I shop and Boog is with me.

It annoyed me, but I kept walking.

 I stopped after about ten steps and thought.

Then, I made a decision. 

I walked back, approached the girls and with a very polite voice said something like this:

"Hi there. 🙂 Those carts are actually for special needs children. I don't see any more of them, so if someone comes in and needs one they won't be able to use it if you're riding around in it."

They sneared, grumbled something and immediately got up and went to go disrupt some other area (no parents in sight... Shocking!).

So some snotty kids made me adult today 🙄 

Anyway, my point is: Parenting a special needs child is hard enough. If you see something and it bothers you, speak up. You don't have to be rude. The person may have no idea. I doubt those girls had a clue what that cart was for.... but they do now 😉

-Boog's sometimes adult, sometimes irritable Mom