Sunday, September 11, 2016

Not on the Road Rage

I was watching DVR Dr. Phil (don't judge). It was an episode about a 26 year old woman who grew up wealthy, but now has horrible problems. She's living in a hotel room with mold, drinks every day (up to a gallon of vodka a day sometimes), and has an abusive boyfriend. Why am I rambling about a Dr. Phil episode on my blog? Because she's pregnant.

Dr. Phil tried to get her to understand what alcohol can do to a child. He put the description and possible outcomes of fetal alcohol syndrome on a big screen for her to see. He started reading each disability a child with fetal alcohol syndrome could have.

I turned off the tv.

Not because the woman was a horrible, terrible person. I turned it off because it reminded me of doing nursing clinicals in the NICU. I heard the stories of the little ones from some of the nurses. A sweet little healthy girl. Beautiful baby. She just happened to have a severe addict as a mother who did drugs and drank through the whole pregnancy.

When I was pregnant I didn't even fall down one time. I'm serious. Every step I took I was careful. Never missed a vitamin. Did everything the doctor told me to and then some.

My son has Autism. It didn't matter what I did while I was pregnant. He has Autism.

I wish I could find that Dr. Phil guest after she has her baby and beat the snot out of her. 

Yes, I blog about progress and cute stories and helpful things we've tried. This is a blog about anger. I would almost call it rage. It's because a piece of crap woman can somehow have a child without Autism and I did everything right and my son does.

I'm trying to deal with my anger in a better way. Hence, this blog post. Yeah, writing it down does help. I'm a lot less angry than I was when I started writing this. 

But I'd still kick that chick's ass.

-Boog's Mommy