Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Help, do you need it?

Sometimes I see a tv show about a child with extreme behavioral problems. I just saw a commercial for an upcoming show with a nine year old girl and her parents. They played a video of the girl where she was screaming, kicking and uncontrollable. Then a clip from the parents showed that the mother uses excessive force to restrain her and the father is beating her with a belt as punishment. And they really wonder why she can't be controlled?

I have a special needs son. My son is non-verbal. He can't tell me specific things/wants/needs. He has to work ten times or more as hard as other children to do basic things, yet he never *ever* gives up.

If my child has **no** behavioral issues while dealing with so many struggles, what is the explanation these parents can give?  Yes, there can be chemical imbalances and issues that do require medication. So isn't it their job to have her checked for that? Isn't it their job to be using behavioral modification techniques instead of violence?

Crappy parents make me so angry sometimes. They have no clue what they have and what they're doing.

Being a decent parent can often mean asking for help when you need it. Hopefully you can swallow that pride and help your child before the age of nine. I've seen children just like this poor girl. I can promise you, the older the child the harder the road will be.

I've seen parents of children with special needs and parents of neurotypical children fail at this one basic principle. Don't Reward Bad Behavior. Write it down if you need to.

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Make this Christmas Yours

I found this poem online randomly and I've never seen anything written about the holidays that hit so close to home.

Make your holidays fun and happy just like any other family will be. Save this poem and email it to family. Post it on Facebook. Heck, print it out and mail it with your Christmas cards.

We go through way more than enough every day. They say Christmas is about the spirit of "giving". Well, making Christmas great for your special needs child is a perfect example of giving to me.

Remember, if anyone doesn't appreciate the beauty of your child and the hard work you've both put in, then you don't have to just sit there and take it. Make Christmas yours! You both deserve it! Screw tradition and trying to make everyone else happy. Maybe your Christmas dinner includes pancakes and bacon, maybe you have one episode of a cartoon playing on repeat, maybe you keep on those soft and tagless pajamas on all day. Who cares if it's non-traditional!

The very first Christmas involved a manger and a donkey. Having a trampoline in the living room seems pretty mild compared to that.

I started doing this years ago and it's taken a huge amount of stress away. I can actually enjoy Christmas! I can see my little man happy. Truly happy. Isn't that the point?

May you all have a wonderful & beautiful Christmas this year, no matter what "rules" you break and tradition you stomp on 😉

-Boog's Mommy

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