Monday, January 9, 2017


Sometimes Boog gets frustrated. An example would be if his iPad was acting funny and I just need to restart it. It's an easy fix, but I can't exactly explain that it will be fixed in about 3-4 minutes. Plus, 4 minutes seems like an hour when you're seven. All he sees is Mommy taking away the iPad for eternity lol.

I really don't have any idea when I started saying it. At some point I learned to be calm even when he was upset. I just tell him the same thing "Have a little faith in me" and tell him I will fix it.

Those are lyrics to a song I haven't heard in probably 10 years. For some reason they just came up.

It's a really touching song. Have a listen one day if you have time.

John Hiatt - Have a Little Faith in Me

"When the road gets dark 
And you can no longer see 
Just let my love throw a spark 
And have a little faith in me 

And when the tears you cry 
Are all you can believe 
Just give these loving arms a try 
And have a little faith in me 

Have a little faith in me 

When your secret heart 
Cannot speak so easily 
Come here darlin' 
From a whisper start 
To have a little faith in me 

And when your back's against the wall 
Just turn around and you will see 
I will catch, I will catch your fall baby 
Just have a little faith in me."

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