Friday, January 20, 2017

Hypocrites, Hate, History and Healing

On this historical day, I feel the need to post about inclusion. You may be happy your candidate won, or angry yours didn't. This doesn't matter. We are all Americans and life goes on.

So what does matter? How we treat each other. You can respectfully disagree. It's possible and the right thing to do. You can draw a line in the sand, or you can be the better person and realize opinion isn't the only thing about a person you can get to know.

I'm going to share an article about feeling completely left out and I do hope you read it. Things like this happen every day. People are judged for their background, color, beliefs, how they dress and yes - even if they happen to be the parent of a child with special needs.

To the Special Needs Parents that Feel Excluded

"When it was time to go, I loaded Addie into her infant seat. She was the only child still in one, as the other children had grown out of their own, so we were the last ones to leave the house. Before I picked the seat up, the host pulled me aside to tell me that she’d called her homeowners’ insurance company about having Addie over, and they said she was a risk."

If we, mothers of these very, very beautiful children, can get back up after every fall, grieve and go on, and stand back up stronger - so can anyone else. 

Let's stop focusing on one big thing. There are millions of other small things that add up to something much greater.

-Boog's Mommy

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