Monday, January 2, 2017

Proud, Pleased, and Patient

As always I beat myself up, feel so bad and then the clouds part to the brightest sunshine. I should know this by now. I have faith, but sometimes it's more difficult while in that state of mind.

Yesterday Boog saw the keyboard on my Mac and got excited. I forgot he uses a real keyboard at school. That's a big difference from typing on an iPad in notes (as we were doing).

I moved my old laptop into the living room and opened Word so he could request. It's an old and slow laptop, but is perfect for just typing a document. I showed it to him and told him he could use it. He was very happy and typed all this yesterday. He was elated at something new that acts as a gateway for him into "our neurotypical world".

Next step is to type feelings and answering questions. I'm so excited that Boog is excited!

I saw this recently and saved it. I need to read it every once in a while.

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