Monday, January 9, 2017

Surprising Spotlight

I watched the Golden Globes last night. Meryl Streep was recognized with a special award and rightly so. They played a montage of some of her roles and I was tickled to see scenes from "Death Becomes Her". Love that movie!

Meryl's acceptance speech was articulate, thoughtful and to the point just like you would expect. What I didn't expect, was for her to use that speech as an opportunity to remind the country that our president-elect made a mockery of a disabled reporter live, on tv, with millions watching and no remorse. Donald Trump has *no* empathy or idea of what it is like to not have something. He's always had money, he's never had a difficult physical limitation, he's never had to watch a loved one struggle.

Here I am, caught in a sad situation. I do no like Hilary Clinton. I think she is the definition of an opportunist. She's shady and pompous and assumed she'd win. Do I like Donald Trump? Obviously not. So where do we go from here?

The only choice for now is to be thankful for any bit of sunshine that breaks through. Meryl Streep put a spotlight on a topic that needed to be addressed so much more than it was. Okay, that's something. If Trump makes a decision that even inadvertently helps the disabled, I will take that.

For five years I have watched the lazy people of my state get rewarded for doing nothing. Why work a mediocre job when you can sit on your tail and receive everything from free daycare to a free cell phone. My son is disabled and we get no assistance in any way because my husband has a job. Punished for doing the right thing. If any of that changes in the next four years, I will be thankful.

So for now I will just look for anything helpful, no matter what side it comes from and try to ignore the rest. Sadly, I've no other choice.

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