Friday, June 2, 2017

A Real American Girl

When you think of the word "bravery" several things come to mind; soldiers, people protesting, a fireman leaving a burning building with someone safely in their arms.

But actually, that's just a couple types of bravery.

Sometimes bravery comes in forms you wouldn't expect. I read about some today and wanted to share it.

There is an incredibly kind, interesting and bright girl that runs a very popular American Girl news website. She is often the first to have pictures of new outfits, information on sales and exciting details  of upcoming events. She also just happens to have Autism.

I'm going to link a post below that she made recently about being at school and someone calling her the "r-word". If I could erase one word from existence it would be that word.

We Are Special - by Sydney

I get praise from others for fighting for my son, standing up and making people listen.

Do you know what's braver than that? Facing that ignorance in the face and having the courage to know that person is wrong.

You know what's even braver than that? Posting about it on the internet so it might help someone else with Autism.

Thank you Sydney, for being BRAVE and for being YOU - the best example of an American Girl 💗

-Boog's Mommy

P.S. Don't forget to tell any doll lover in your life to check out Sydney's awesome site! She works very hard on it and it shows:

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