Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Explaining Autism - The Parents’ Version

I saw a video on Facebook this morning:

This is one of the most accurate examples of parents explaining Autism behaviors I have seen. I especially love the one about the child repeatedly spinning the toy helicopter propeller.

“What I realized is he’s not just repeating the same pattern. He’s observing everything. He’s observing this creates wind, and it moves the dust particles around”.

So many behaviors are written off as just “Autism” and believed to have no meaning, just a pointless response that comes across odd or exaggerated. 

Slowly the world is learning that everything has a reason and these children are given beautiful, amazing gifts. We just have to “catch up” and think outside of the box in order to recognize some of them.

Boog does things at home and all I can do is sit dumbfounded. A couple of days ago he wanted to make sure he spelled “curriculum” correctly. He’s seven years old. I have an MBA and yet I still worry I’m not moving fast enough to give him the answers he needs. 

This is the future and it can be very difficult, yet it is bright. 

Thank you, Spark for Autism for this eye-opening, positive video.

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