Monday, October 30, 2017

Just a Couple of Tricks to Help You Treat

Halloween. It happens to be my favorite holiday. For years my Mom and I spent hours decorating the porch and yard. One year my Mom actually hid in the bushes and jumped out after the kids got their candy, but that’s probably not a good idea these days. I feel like a personal injury attorney would show up about emotional distress, PTSD or something 🙄

Early October (usually September because  I get excited). I start looking for the sensory-friendly, Autism approved costume for this year. It’s not that difficult, there are just two main rules:

1. No costume with itchy fabric, tight collar, face makeup, necklace, etc.
2. No costume with a mask, crown, helmet, or anything that goes on the head.

Here are just a few costume ideas I have used in the past or thought of that may be a bit helpful. Note: I’m one of those gender-doesn’t-matter moms and I think kids should wear what they like. Seriously, we have enough stress with daily life. That’s why I have only one list for both boys and girls:

Costume Ideas
Star Wars (Jedi, etc.)
Knight, Queen, or any Royalty
Harry Potter or Sorcerer/Witch
Football player (or any sport)
Disney Prince/Princess

If your little trick or treater insists on a costume that includes a piece they will not wear, you can make up for the missing piece with a little creativity. I’ve found that parents of special needs children are strong when it comes to being creative. We can stop a meltdown with three toothpicks, a gum wrapper and some hand sanitizer. We’re basically MacGuyver.


Problem: Your son wants to dress up like Darth Vader but won’t wear a helmet and you’re not sure people will know what costume it is.

Solution: Take the helmet, turn it upside down, and hot glue on a handle. You can use some thick string or basically anything that will hold for a night. Now you have used the entire costume and everyone is happy 😉

Here are photos of some great costumes I found at the Halloween Costumes website that will hopefully give you some ideas:

The only limit here is your imagination. Have a Happy Halloween!!!
-Boog’s Mom that Refuses to Grow Up

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