Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Artfully Beautiful

Boog never ceases to amaze me. I know that is a phrase used often, but I mean every word of it. Out of the blue he often does something that just about knocks me back. He did such a thing two nights ago.

Boog does a lot of really fun/creative/beautiful artwork at school. The more his fine motor skills improve, the more detailed it is. I’m one of those moms that just can’t throw any of it away and I have a lot of it stored in a couple boxes.

Tip: Share your child’s artwork with family to have the following benefits:

1. That family member gets to enjoy the art
2. It allows others to see the progress being made by seeing the details increase over time
3. It cuts down of the ton of artwork you can’t bare to throw away
***4. Your child will see that other family members are proud of their work - a huge confidence builder

I put stars by number four because of what happened the other night. All of the prepping for the next day had been done and we were all on the couch relaxing before bedtime. I have probably more than ten of those relatively new coloring books for adults and none have been used. I finally got a set of some great markers and have been coloring a bit.

While coloring a really pretty and intricate picture of a cat, I saw Boog leaning over to see what I was doing. I showed him that I was coloring and he studied the page. I offered him a marker to see if maybe he wanted to color. That surprised me because prefers to do his artwork at school or with his Nana.

Instead of reaching for the marker, he reached for the picture. I handed it to him and he got up.

On the wall in the living room I made one of those popular “Look What I Did” things that allows you to showcase recent work and then switch it up whenever you want. I didn’t think Boog had ever paid much attention to it in honesty.

So he got up, my picture in hand, and walked over to where I display his artwork. He held the picture under it on the wall and looked at me. I could have cried! I quickly got some tape to hold it on the wall where he wanted it, right under his artwork. It may seem like a small gesture, but in our world it means so much like:

He knew I put his artwork on the wall
He knew I put it there because I liked it (confidence builder)
He knew what I was doing was also “art”
He wanted Mommy to know that her art was good too

God bless this sweet angel. Sometimes I can’t believe I created a child so amazing.

His Daddy and I gave him so many hugs and kisses and I probably thanked him 20 times.

This is one of those cherished moments I don’t want to forget, so I had to post about it.

Feeling very, very grateful,
Boog’s Mommy

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