Sunday, November 5, 2017

Still More Oily Than Essential

Every time another mom tries to tell me that buying some damn essential oil will help my kid with Autism I want to shove a bottle of lemongrass up their @ss.

I also would like to shake them and ask them to find a dictionary and read the following definitions out loud for the whole class to hear:

1. “Pyramid Scheme”

2. “Placebo”

Never mind. It wouldn’t do any good 🙄

Before you try and “fix” your child with some liquid made God-knows-where, use your head. If it was that amazing don’t you think pediatricians would have been telling us this for years? If there were scientific proof any of this works I can promise you Pfizer would have been selling the pill form all day long.

Come on sheep, wake up. If you like your house to smell nice, by all means, use essential oils. I’ve used them for years for that reason, way before the hype. If you think rubbing it on your kids foot is magic, please email me ASAP. I have a really amazing deal on some gorgeous ocean-front property in Arizona.

Don’t believe me? No problem. Just read any of these:

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As this is my blog, I can do what I want. I now choose to post essential oils memes because I like
them very much. This is also my opinion and I’m pretty sure I’m still allowed to have that.

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