Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Real Real

Unless you have a narcissistic personality disorder, most people go about their lives and have a level of reasonable personal pride. It can be pride in their career, pride in material objects, pride in people they know. I don’t have any of that. I only have one true, true piece of pride.

My son is the kindest soul, the most helpful without complaint. He wants so badly to make people around him happy and proud. In fact, 80% of the progress he has made hasn’t been because of personal gain. He’s worked that hard because he wants us to be happy.

He’s worked for years and we have been blessed. He has begun speaking. We were told a year ago he wouldn’t. Well, they were wrong. He can and he does.

If such a person grew inside me for nine months, has part of my DNA, and is who he is - I take pride in that. It’s actually hard for me to take compliments on what sort of mother I am. I usually reply with “Thank you so much, but he’s the one who deserves praise. He’s the one who worked this hard”, and all of that is true., but part of that did come from me- and for that I am proud.

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